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Abut the company profile company was well known in Gujarat Market since 1959 as a RAJHANS CONSTRUCTION CO. Owned by Mr. Ashwin Bhai Rangani, doing all national highway within the Gujarat and as well as flyover projects in Gujarat.

Rajhans Construction Group has been a licensed company since 1959 and serving in many fields such as Construction, Aggregates, Ceramics, Metals and I-Con (Architects and Urban planners) For Nearly fifty years, Rajhans Group has stood for quality, integrity, and Progress. Take any chapter from the history of the Rajhans Group and you will Experience our important milestones in the past. Choose a decade in the time line and discover the defining moments in the development of the Rajhans Group. Identifying potential and encouraging growth knowing what we represent. Recognizing where our strength lies and making the best use of every opportunity is the motto four successes. After a long successful run of more than fifty years comes yet another Defining moment in the history of the Rajhans Group. Years of fruitful experience in construction industry and now we present our new venture “Bhanu Concrete”.

Concrete issued more than any other man-made material in the world. Thorough mixing is essential for the production of uniform, high quality concrete. For this reason equipment and methods should be capable of effectively mixing concrete materials containing the largest specified aggregate to produce uniform mixtures of the lowest slump practical for the work. Following the tour that follows our introduction, you will understand where its vital role in providing the high quality concrete plays.



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