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Ice Concrete

Concrete cooling can play an essential part in jobs where larger pouring is required.  It is also a used in hotter climates. During this transit from the batching plant to site, and during the concrete curing process in elevated ambient temperatures, it is often necessary to retard "curing".  This curing process is retarded by the use of chilled water or flake ice.  This prevents excessive variation (increase) in volumes laid and assists in minimising cracking in the poured material. The result is a controlled cure and a more homogenous product that is more likely to meet required parameters. To use big size of ice cubes to minimise water temperature below 12 to 15 degree and use this cold water for concrete making. Thi type of concrete generally use at raft type structure, big size footings & below ground structure. Basically this type of concrete use to avoid the hair cracks, which is envent due to cement heat of hydration.


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